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Review: PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gels by Bath & Body Works

Description:     This pocket-sized bottle contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that get hands clean, wherever you go. ..... 1 oz. each ... Vitamins B5 and E nourish skin ...  Kills germs without water ... Natural ingredients soften and smooth skin; powerful germ killers leave hands 99.9% germ-free ... scent leaves skin gently fragranced

Location: Bath & Body Works
Price:  Last seen 5 for $5 (please check your local store for current prices & availability)

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Pros, Cons, FAQs, & Final OverReview

So, of course w/ the new season came the dreaded flu season, which was immediately followed by the swine flu scare.  When that hit last year, I was practically at ground zero (or so it was rumored).  People were going to work & school in those surgical masks.  Just going to visit my parents house, pretty much every driver I'd see along the way was wearing on those freaky masks. 
     THEN the antibiotic hand sanitizers sold out EVERYWHERE.  I mean every pharmacy, discount, & corner store.  While everyone was rushing everywhere in town trying to replenish their sanitizer stocks, it just so happened that yours truly was doing some retail therapy (my honey had been in boot camp for a month), that I just happened to stumble upon these at my local shopping mall.  WooHoo!
     They came in about a dozen different scents & one unscented (please check stores as they may add or discontinure as time passes).  The Bath & Body store had all of them in bins separated by scents.  There was a scent to every personal nose's preference.  I had luckily arrived the very morning that the 5 for $5 sale (1 was $1.50) had begun so each of the bins were filled to the top!  The same regular unscented or should i say alocohol-y scented at our local discount store was $1 - so if you were to buy the 5 bulk it broke even.
     Out of the plethora of bottles there, I purchased for myself Warm Vanilla Sugar, Nectarine Mint, Coconut Lime, Cucumber Melon,  & Tropical Passionfruit.  All of the scents quickly dissipated about 1 minute after using them -- except the Warm Vanilla Sugar.  That scent seemed to have a stronger staying power on me.  Since I use these a LOT right before I eat when I'm out, that was a big minus for me.  My nose's personal favorites were Cocunut Lime & Cucumber Melon.
     The first drawback I saw (being a Budget Beauty Bombshell), was that there was only one size available.  You cannot refill them.  There is no large refill bottle to purchase at a per oz discount in order to save money in the long run.  :( 
     Hand sanitizers became a staple in my life when the swine flu scare first hit last year.  I don't use them at the house but I always have one in my purse when I go out.  So for a staple, it is always best to save money by buying in bulk.  If you are the type that has those large soap dispenser sized hand sanitizers around the house, this will not replace them. I do not recommend them for that purpose.
     I also do not recommend purchasing the sets that are available.  They are not a deal in my opinion.  There are 5 bottles in the scent sets for $7.50.  4 are scented & 1 unscented.  Why do you need one unscented - just get those from the regular drugstores, right?  Plus, you get to choose the scents you want when you buy them in the 5 for $5 rather than in a set.  AND, when you wait for the 5 for $5 sale, its much less expensive than the set.  Don't purchase the set, just wait for the sale & buy them individually.

  • Travel friendly 1oz.
  • Large scent variety (no more alcohol-y scent)
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients (Vitamin E)
  • Does triple duty (sanitizes, scents, & lightly moisturizes)
  • Non-refillable
  • Only 1 size available
  • Having to wait for 5 for $5 deal

What scents are avaiable?
     ~At the time I am writing this, there are: Cherry Blossom, Coconut Lime Verbana, Cucumber Melon, Fresh Lemon, Moonlight Path, Nectarine Mint, Sea Island Cotton, Sweet Pea, Midnight Pomegranite, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Wild Honeysuckle, Yuletide Pear Vanilla.  B&BW may add or subtract from these scents as time goes on.  Please check your local Bath & Body Works to see what they have currently available. 

What scent do you suggest I buy for my honey? (male)
     ~I have noticed that men tend to stay away from the floral pretty scents & are much more confortable with the clean crisp scents such as the cotton or lemon.  If that's still too much for them - let them continue using the regular unscented drugstore ones.  More for you!

What scents do suggest for me?
     ~ I don't.  My philosophy for almost all beauty situations is sample, Sample, SAMPLE!  The scents do not exactly match their name.  Ex. Coconut Lime: the coconut scent is strong while the lime scent is a mere background note, unnoticeable.  I suggest that you go into a store & let your nose decide for you. If you are unable to do so, you can just read the descriptions when ordering online when choosing to see which one might tickle your fancy.

I don't normally use hand sanitizers, should I go buy these cuz you gave them a good review?
     ~Absolutely NOT!  This is a just a personal review on a good sale geared for people who already use this item on a routine basis... to add a little extra "beauty" improvement to an otherwise ordinary product already used.

So since they have vitamin E, they'll keep my hands moisturized?
     ~In  my personal use of these over the last 8 months, these do NOT eliminate the use of a moisturizing hand cream.  They only keep from drying out your hands as much as when you use the normal ones.  Continue with your usual hand moisturizing routines.

Final OveReview: PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gels by Bath & Body Works
   I think these are a great "beauty" twist on a hum-drum over drying item.  They are cute & worth buying if you are a routine hand sanitizer using type of gal (ex. teachers, moms, health workers, etc.).    I only recommend these for purchase individually during the sale times to be a real "beauty-full" budget buy.

Happy Shopping Bellas!

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