Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Reason behind this ....

Hola Bellas!  Hello beauties!
          This is the inspiration for placing my beauty finds online.  I had been debating on creating a site or blog or newsletter or something since my Bath & Body scented hand sanitizer discovery back in May. 
 When I purchased them - I bought a few for my mom & a close friend.
     I told my mom how they had vitamin E, so it wouldn't dry her already dry hand out like the regular ones-- she loved it.  I suggested that her friends' daughters who were preschool teachers would love them too.  I gave some to my friend who went thru sanitizer like water becuz of her jobs at a doctor's office & a local ER.  I explained she could smell nice instead of alcohol-y while at work.
     Lo & behold, begun a domino effect.  My friend at the local ER had every staff, nurse, doctor & even a few patients asking her about her awesome new scented hand sanitizers.  Everyone there wanted to "borrow" some of her gel.  Within 2 days, everyone at her office had gone to take advantage of the sale.
     My mom's friend RAVED to me how her daughters had loved it and even had parents of their students inquire about it.
     So you get the picture?  Its just word of mouth, huh?  Well this was not just a one time incident for me.  It was merely one of quite a few.
     Ex. ~ My Lip Fusions sale discovery for $10 at Dillards.
           ~ The OPI Nail Envy/Mainentance duo for 70% off at Trade Secret
     ... the list goes on.  But after starting a new scented hand sanitizing trend at our ER - my friend asked me to text her from now on to tell her of "the cool things I always find on sale."  She wasn't the only one w/ such a request.  Then someone suggested a newsletter.  Nah, too much work. 
     But when someone said a blog, it clicked.  After many months of debating & pushing the thought aside, I realized that I can't be the only one out there in this crappy, gone to hell economy that is trying to stay on a tight budget without sacrificing their beauty addiction. There's the working full time thru college student, the single mom, and the ones who've lost their jobs or had their hours cut in this recession.
     I want to share what I find out there with everyone & anyone who's interested!  I want to help women out there who can't afford the $42 Le Metier liquid liner yet still deserve to wear that sexy cat eye look.

And ... Hopefully ... I will!

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